A downloadable game for Windows

An appartment simulator in which you get comfortable and buy some comfy ComPort™ furniture to fill your empty room.

This is my first game, so it's got its problems (like the spaghetti-code), but despite that, I hope you'll play it from beginning 'till end!

Made for /agdg/'s comfy jam.


WASD/Arrow keys





((E: (un)hide moneycounter))

((K: gain 888$ (only if you played the old version but didn't get the ending, else it ruins the game y'know?)))

Known bugs:

-When entering a new day, the text acts funky.

-When grabbing something, you'll first have to move left or right before the item shows up in your hand (or when throwing something away/starting a new day).

Music Credit:

Music from Jukedeck - create your own at http://jukedeck.com

****EDIT 1****

You can use the "K" key to get 888 $ in the NEW VERSION, so you can skip the waiting for salary. (don't do this if you haven't played it yet. It ruins the experience)

I also made it so you can press "E" to make the money-counter disapear, if you want to take a new screenshot (of the end perhaps).

The items immediately show up/leave your hand as the black screen fades out.

End button visible from the start

I left in the old version because that's how I uploaded it to comfy jam.

Published Feb 13, 2017
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Casual, comfy, Cozy, GameMaker, nonviolent, Singleplayer


Comfort of your own home NEW VERSION.zip 11 MB
Comfort of your own home.exe 11 MB


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I really enjoyed your game! The art style and the overall atmosphere was really nice and calming! I hope you don't mind but I posted a gameplay video for your game on my small gaming channel and i would really appreciate it if you would check it out if you have the time!

I really liked this game! It was so calming and the art style was really cute!

this is super cute and fun! 10/10! i would have made a video if i had a YouTube account :D

Loved it! Super cute!


The ending is really comfy, but the game play need something more interesting like mini game for the job, or something like that.

and i like the art of the characters