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An appartment simulator in which you get comfortable and buy some comfy ComPort™ furniture to fill your empty room.

This is my first game, so it's got its problems (like the spaghetti-code), but despite that, I hope you'll play it from beginning 'till end!

Made for /agdg/'s comfy jam.


WASD/Arrow keys





((E: (un)hide moneycounter))

((K: gain 888$ (only if you played the old version but didn't get the ending, else it ruins the game y'know?)))

Known bugs:

-When entering a new day, the text acts funky.

-When grabbing something, you'll first have to move left or right before the item shows up in your hand (or when throwing something away/starting a new day).

Music Credit:

Music from Jukedeck - create your own at http://jukedeck.com

****EDIT 1****

You can use the "K" key to get 888 $ in the NEW VERSION, so you can skip the waiting for salary. (don't do this if you haven't played it yet. It ruins the experience)

I also made it so you can press "E" to make the money-counter disapear, if you want to take a new screenshot (of the end perhaps).

The items immediately show up/leave your hand as the black screen fades out.

End button visible from the start

I left in the old version because that's how I uploaded it to comfy jam.


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I really enjoyed your game! The art style and the overall atmosphere was really nice and calming! I hope you don't mind but I posted a gameplay video for your game on my small gaming channel and i would really appreciate it if you would check it out if you have the time!

I really liked this game! It was so calming and the art style was really cute!

this is super cute and fun! 10/10! i would have made a video if i had a YouTube account :D

Loved it! Super cute!


The ending is really comfy, but the game play need something more interesting like mini game for the job, or something like that.

and i like the art of the characters